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By Alexandra Cameron

By Alexandra Cameron

"It’s funny how artistic we become when our hearts are broken."

- Hotel Books, I Always Thought I Would Be Okay  (via asdfghjkllove)


Me and my friend are doing a merch giveaway! I don’t really wear any of it anymore. You must be following me & my friend! We will check to see if you’re following us! You can reblog as much as you want. Likes don’t count. Everything is size Large. If you have any questions just ask! The Dead line is may 1st!


Give away!!

- the SWS acoustic CD
- a PTV bag thing
- spirals, tunnels, plugs and tappers all range from a size 4-0 

- must be following healingx (I check)
- only reblogs count
- reblog as much as you want
- ILL PICK A WINNER OCTOBER 20TH and send it out on November 3rd. Shipping is world wide.
- must have ask box open
- if you’re picked you have 2 days to respond if you don’t I’ll re-pick a winner.

Good luck and feel free to message me about it.